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About me:

Thanks for visiting my online portfolio and taking the time to read about me!

I’m a full time Graphic/product designer in Melbourne, Australia.

Graduating with a Bachelor degree in Visual Communication at Monash University.

I have experience working on popular licensed children’s and adult’s brands.

With products ranging from bags, bean bags, luggage and toys.

However, I’m available globally for freelance illustration work, with dreams to expand my own personal  ‘Do you have it in black?’ series further.

I love illustration and drawing, whether on the computer or by  good old pen to paper.

Should you have any questions regarding my work, or you’re after a hand drawn,

vector based/digital illustration then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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* Illustration published in Curvy 3

   * Two T-Shirt illustrations for T-Bar


*Dec 2011 - Leeloo- On the Wall-

Carriageworks- Sydney, Australia

*Jan 2010 - Seven Deadly Sins Project - #2 Envy

The Beverly Owens Project - Toronto, Canada

*Dec 2005 -  ‘Please don’t feed the designers.’ - Graduate show - Melbourne, Australia

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